I have actually been tortured. An offer of legal asylum would have to be taken seriously. I sent a complaint to the UN, they would not even respond. I sent one to the ECHR and later I sent this letter: 'I sent a question yesterday 28/2/20 about a form I have posted to you. I received a letter this morning 29/2/20 from yourselves. I have not read it yet. No assistance was offered.

I don't really understand the logic, but they are using a talking bird, and dog sometimes. Unless it is to pretend there is no high-pitched noise or something. Email a request about water services, immediately a man comes running round doing this dog training thing. Some of them have even started bowing their heads again. 27/7/20 They are satanic. It is a cheap thing to run a background programme and I personally believe it is one of the reasons for covid. 1/8/20 Another 24 hours of chanting. 5/8/20 Extreme offence and profanity.

4/7/20: Strangest thing, protest outside a chemists shop. Row of protestors at the pavement kerb, with a banner pointing inwards, to a row of protestors at the shop wall. Even 2 police to monitor it. I was only walking past by chance. The road plus the traffic on it.

1/8/20 Snooker introduction and indication that looking down on a lady running beside me is an offence. If you can imagine the brain damage, you get some idea about the level of religious offence even, not just the physical damage.

7/8/20 He's a bit caressey.

19/8/20 Final-recipient: rfc822; career@cynation.com Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try
Sent their children round to shout 'Sweden'. In fact, all outgoing emails in my VM account are blocked.

21/8/20 Pussy spots on my forehead.

24/8/20 Put that case in your bubble? I think you fought a war over that, but that lovely gentleman is on TV, appeaing for children about it.

26/8/20 Water has been switched off to my flat and of course, my email does not send outgoing emails. I have been given some numbers and asked to seek a private solution. Yeah, so if you're disabled you can be abused and murdered. Anything can be exploited?

29/8/20 Thank you for the gesture. I cannot begin to tell you the possible horror of Nato if it is true, but it probably goes back to Mr. Robertson.

5/9/20 Some guy was a suspected pead or something and the police were using the mainstream news site to report he went outside, in real time.

9/9/20 'Our democracy'

14/9/20 Unfortunately, the only interest here is the explicit noises.

20/9/20 Using peadophile as part of the recovery will not only remove your souls, but it will also lead to a worse world. And that's precisely what we're looking at.

25/9/20 If you start hearing poor voices in the background with disturbing messages, then if authority turns up to support them, if you know what I mean.

26/9/20 Walk into town and back and I'm drenched in sweat.

26/9/20 People do count numbers now, extremeism, radicalisation, Goebels. But by choice.

1/10/20 Three in stock, get to store, can't find any. Get met with 'we know your mind'. Also I**. Grandparents waiting by car to say something about N***.

8/10/20 Having turned faith upside-down at the launch.

10/10/20 Denounce the evil.

11/10/20 Crazy paving was a joke, but its such an old one. Might be on to boring as ... [noise]

12/10/20 Partially deaf at the moment, air pressure around my ear. Fitness is good.

14/10/20 Proud Boys and QAnon and still a debate? Why are you sadistic, why do you torture people, why has printing money won, which side are you from, why no s**t about 4th demon, I don't even know that much.

15/10/20 Bank has added an illegal charge. Is that the Russians or the Chinese?

16/10/20 Understand you're not responsible for it, but I think you have to speak out about the abuse programme here. Wouldn't be accepted. Also ask why HR won't recognise it.

19/10/20 The doctrine to murder a not catholic is trillion percent read out very often.