Match-It Program

This game is about trying to optimise a grid of numbers to score the maximum number of points. To score, you try to match adjacent squares. Points are scored by placing two numbers that are the same beside each other in the grid. Squares are moved by removing a column or row from the grid, which will then place two other columns or rows beside each other. If any of the numbers on these two columns or rows match, then their values are added to the total score.

Figure 1 shows what the application looks like with a 5x5 game board. If the second column in the board is removed, columns 1 and 3 will be matched with the number 5 in row 1 (rows are counted from the bottom), the number 3 in row 3 and 2 in row 4. This would add the value of 10 to the overall total. The matched squares also also highlighted, as shown in figure 2. You can also shift squares in any direction to realign them with each other (not shown). Further details can be found in the user guide that can be downloaded from here.

Figure 1.
Start of a new Game for a 5x5 Board.

Figure 2. Scoring move after column 2 has been removed.

If you prefer, you can also play using symbols instead of numbers, as figures 3 and 4 show. You can then try to remember the symbol values or you can open a window that displays the relative values.

Figure 3. Game board showing symbols instead of numbers.

Figure 4. Relative value of each symbol.


So this is a very easy game to play. It has been written in C# under the .Net framework and can be installed by downloading and running the Windows setup.exe program from here. The setup program in contained in a zip file, so simply unzip and install.