This page lists a number of resources that are related to the work on this web site. The main focus is on artificial intelligence or open source projects, but distributed computing, text processing or other topics are also included. If you know of a site that is interesting, you can email me the details for listing.

1. Online Articles, ...

This section links to some online articles or papers that might be of interest.

1.1 Artificial Intelligence

Focus is primarily on intelligent systems, up to real thinking machines and philosophies about AI:

Artificial Intelligence - artificial intelligence on Wikipedia.

Cognitive Computing - describes what cognitive computing is.

Cognitive Computing and the Sematic Web - also describes cognitive computing.

Internet of Things - what IoT is and what it might be used for.

Self-Driving Cars - an up-to-date view on self-driving cars.

1000 Kilobot Swarm - 1000 simple robots display collective behaviour.

SOAR - description of the logic-based SOAR system.

IEEE Chess - computer chess and games related.

Complex Systems - complex systems on Scholarpedia.

Agent-based Modelling - agent-based modelling on Scholarpedia.

Agent-based Systems and Models - modelling complex dynamic systems using agents.

Human-Inspired Models

Dream-Logic, the Internet and Artificial Thought - high-level discussion.

Brain synapse construction - suggests that the brain construction is largely random.

DeepMind - program learns to play video games.

BRETT - robot learns to work in a 3-D environment.

Brain-inspired Chip - computer chip inspired by the brain.

Computer Networks

Cognitive Protocols - networks now need biologically-inspired routing.

State of Search - compares the Internet with the human brain.

The Ant Internet - data transmission rates, also inspired by ants.

1.2 Distributed Systems

Focus is primarily on Internet-based distributed systems, or the distributed system model:

Distributed Computing - distributed computing on Wikipedia.

What is SOA - article describing what service oriented architecture is.

Can SOA be defined? - one article about popular SOA components.

App server, Web server: What's the difference? - the differences between application and web servers.

Distributed - Cloud or SOA

What is Cloud Computing? - summary of Cloud pros and cons.

SOA and Cloud - clearing up the 'foggy' relationship between the two.

Microservices - finer-grained service components than SOA, but similar.

Using Data Intelligently

Metadata’s Better Side - metadata processed anonymously could still be useful.

Reactive Programming - update data processes dynamically.

1.3 Mobile Systems

Focus is primarily on mobile systems, including sensorised, or the mobile system model:

Mobile devices in business - now more commonplace as part of the business model.

Inside a Smartphone - making sense of smartphone processors.

Tracking Sensors Invade the Workplace - how sensors are used to monitor the workplace.

Internet of Things and Ubiquitous Sensing - linking people, devices and everything.

2. Web Sites

Any other web sites with general information.

2.1 Artificial Intelligence

Topics related to any aspect of artificial intelligence:

AI Topics - wide range of topics on AI.

AI3 - lots of useful resources on AI-related semantic/ontology/adaptive information.

Semantic Search Art - semantic text processing resources, including algorithms.

AiML - machine learning tutorials, including deep learning.

Makhfi - knowledge modelling and neural networks.

Computer Chess Programming - help on programming a computer to play chess.

ALICE - have a conversation with an AI chat bot.

2.2 Distributed Computing

This covers topics related to distributed computing systems:

Grid Projects - list of grid projects on Wikipedia.

Distributed Computing - distributed computing resources. Can be different to distributed systems.

SearchSOA - articles and news about SOA.

ProgrammableWeb - news and listings for Internet-based programmable APIs.

Cloudbook - directory for cloud computing.

Semantic Web - information about the semantic web.

2.3 Data Processing

Data processing resources, including text, linking and semantic-based:

WikiData - extract structured information from wikimedia.

DBpedia - extract structured information from wikipedia.

Text Fixer - online text processor.

Multilingual WordNet - list of WordNet translations into other languages.


Cognitive algorithm
AI project by Boris Kazachenko.

Computer Science and Intelligent Controls.

3. Software

Open source software packages, or free applications/libraries.

3.1 Artificial Intelligence

Software packages related to AI. A lot is now onlne, or cloud-based:

IBM's Watson - Cognitive Computing with Watson.

CNTK - Microsoft's Computational Network Toolkit.

Project Malmo - Microsoft's Open Source Minecraft for agent learning.

TensorFlow - Google's Deep Learning Data Flow Graphs.

HPE - HP's Haven on Demand Platform.

Artificial Intelligence Directory - Directory of Web Resources for the Artificial Intelligence Community.

FSD - Free software directory for reasoning or learning.

JADE - Java Agent DEvelopment Framework.

ConceptNet - create semantic networks of knowledge.

OpenCyc - knowledgebase and common reasoning engine.

WordNet - lexical database for creating meaningful word associations.

3.2 Search

Search engines for the Internet or Semantic Web:

Open Search Server - search engine and text query processing.

Swoogle - semantic web search.

Meta Search Engine - search using metadata.

3.3 Data Processing

Some applications / libraries for text processing:

DiRT - directory of digital research tools.

GATE - open source text engineering resources.

Carrot - application / library for search results clustering.

SimPack - library for measuring concept similarities.

Weka - library of data-mining software.

4. Technical and Design

Sites that give technical-related information:

Semantic Web Patterns - description of the semantic web and how we might use it.

GOF Design Patterns - general software engineering design patterns.

SOLID Design Principles - strict OO design principles.

Microservice Design Patterns - design patterns for microservices (and SOA).

4.1 Test Data

Sites that provide test datasets:

UCI - UCI machine learning repository.

Data Hub - includes linked data and other datasets.

CDRC - consumer-related data.

Generate Data - useful site for generating random text-based data.

5. Standards

List of standards bodies:

W3C - internet-related standards.

The Open Group - open, vendor-neutral, IT standards.

OASIS - standards for information technologies.

Dublin Core - metadata standard, particularly for publishing and libraries.

OCC - standards for cloud computing.

Open Grid Forum - grid-related standards.

Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents - agent-based technologies and standards.

IEEE SA - The IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems.