Textflo - Search and Reformat Example

This page gives one example of using the application to find specific lines of text and then change them in a uniform way. The following figures show an example involving a search operation followed by a change of the text in a particular column. This is only an illustrative example using the XML-based menu document of other examples.

It is possible to search for lines of text from the toolbar, with either an exact match to the entered term or a contains match. It is also possible to match to an XML element name only. For example, the following figure shows a search for lines that contain an XML element with the name 'description'. After the search, all of the description elements in the XML menu document are highlighted. Then another operation, which is the toolbar button to separate the XML tags from the XML content is used, before the text is transferred to the grid format.

If you then go to the DBS tab and click the 'Load from Main' button, only the selected lines are loaded (there is a toolbar option to remove the highlights, if you want to load in the whole document). The previous space operation means that the XML elements will be placed in separate cells.

There is then a menu option to change the text in some column through each of the lines. For example, you can add the words 'what about ' to the start of every description in a particular column. This is done by firstly clicking on a cell in a column and then right-clicking the grid to open a popup menu. You then select the 'Add to Column Text' option and enter your additional text in the 'Input' box. The other box that is shown allows you to change the column text by adding it to the start or the end of the existing text. It is added to the start in this case.

This change also updates the display in the main text output area. To produce the final formatting, select the description lines again and re-indent them using the toolbar option, or the 'pretty format' option. The other toolbar option can then be used to remove the space that you entered between the XML tags and the text content. The final figure shows that the text document has been updated appropriately.