Textflo - Reformat Width Example

This page gives one example of using the application to reformat a piece of text to a new width, with specified sections starting new lines. It shows just one group of features, but there may be other ways to perform the same operation.

This page gives one example of reformatting a piece of text to a different width. A piece of expository text has been loaded into the application, as shown below:

The points are then placed on new lines by creating a single column list based on the ‘(‘ separator character, but keeping the character as part of the text. This is then included as the first character for each of the created lines, as shown next:

The points then need reformatting again to a specified width, 75 in this case. The text area that covers the points is selected and the ‘reformat to new width (keep NWS before)’ option is chosen. You are asked if you want to reformat the whole document or just the selected area, as shown below:

If you click to reformat just the selected text, the reformatting produces the final result shown below: