Distributed Computing Systems provides some free and open source software. The products relate to distributed systems and computing, with a focus on AI algorithms and text processing.

I also research the topic of AI where I have developed a new cognitive model. It is at an early implementation stage and offers a different archtiecture to what is currently popular.

My background is University-based, where I worked for several years on R&D projects concerned with information systems, engineering and AI. Since then, I have written a book in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet and SOA, published a number of papers and written some software.

I spent a lot of time writing the business software and it still offers good possibilities for future projects. Updates to it will be less frequent now. I also do contract work when possible. I am available for freelance work in programming, research, writing, or consultancy. I would also be interested in any sources of funding and/or collaboration. I really think that the cognitive model has something to offer and deserves funding.

Work Experience

A summary of my work experience is as follows:

  • Experienced software engineer, with the design and development of products over the whole software life-cycle.
  • Main programming languages are Java and C#, with some web-based and mobile knowledge.
  • Algorithm development, particularly for Artificial Intelligence and distributed systems. Also test programs.
  • Server-side programming and Windows-based GUI development.
  • With an academic background, I am strong in research and technical writing, where my research interests include Artificial Intelligence (autonomous, agent-based, cognitive or neural systems), heuristics, search or query processes and distributed information systems.

Software and Research

The software is listed on the following pages. The two main products are what I use to sort my daily routine. They can save a lot of time and are geared more towards an individual or small business. A short summary is as follows:

Category Trees

This is new classifier that may be easier than neural networks to train. An evaluation version of the program can be downloaded from here.

Earthquake Prediction

This one-off project resulted in a method that may be able to predict earthquakes. The open source software can be downloaded from here.

Latest updates, bug fixes, etc.

licas (1/24):
1. AI interface updates and bug fixes. Might be possible to run more services.
2. No service updates. The email service is out of date.

Textflo (5/23):
1. The full version is now free.
2. The focus is now on document and project organisation. All text processing still available.
3. Some important bug fixes. You will need to enter your project links again.

Other Events

AICT'24 [flyer].

My UAP, only joking.

Contact Details

You can contact me by email, or through the contact details page.