Distributed Computing Systems provides free and open source software, where Artificial Intelligence and distributed computing are core themes. I currently develop my own products and research ideas and you can find further details on the following pages. Before starting this site, I worked for several years on University-based contracts, both as a software engineer and as a researcher. I have published a number of papers in related areas and also written one book. I am currently available for freelance work in programming, research, writing, or consultancy. In particular, Artificial Intelligence or algorithm development might be of interest.

Work Experience

A summary of my work experience is as follows:

  • Experienced as a software engineer, with the design and development of full products.
  • Main programming languages are Java and C#, with some web-based and mobile development.
  • Most experience with server-side programming, but also windows-based GUI development.
  • Algorithm development includes AI or Machine Learning. Also test programs and platforms.
  • Internet programming includes XML, Web Services, servers and distributed communication.
  • With an academic background, I am also strong in research and technical writing.
  • Main areas of interest are: Artificial Intelligence, especially autonomous/agent-based or neural systems, search or query processes and distributed information systems.

Being actively engaged in the research, I would be interested in any sources of funding and/or collaboration. Alternatively, if a serious short-term move could be accommodated, then it would be considered.

Other pages list the DCS research, game-playing software and other useful sites.

Contact Details

You can contact me by email, or through the contact details page.


Latest updates, bug fixes, etc.

Textflo (2/17):
1. Organiser form re-designed slightly. Reminders updated with more calendar features. Right-click button for weekly view, instead of notification.
2. Some query form bug fixes.
3. New installer, so uninstall current first, don't overwrite.

licas (2/17):
1. Security updates with server protection.
2. Bug fix for the query form.
3. Other bug fixes, including services, save/load basic SOA, scientific, auto.
4. New installer, so uninstall current first, don't overwrite.

Code Analyzer (7/16):
1. No demo version now, only the full version.

Chessmaps (2/16):
1. Bug fix in the search process.

Note: If moving accounts, you can update any config file paths using Textflo, for example and it will work as normal. If there is any difficulty, please send an email.