Distributed Computing Systems provides some free and open source software. The products relate to distributed systems and computing, with a focus on AI algorithms, text processing and search. I also research the topic of AI.

My background is University-based, where I worked for several years on R&D projects concerned with information systems, engineering and AI. Since then, I have written a book in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet and SOA, and published a number of papers that describe my own cognitive model.

The software is mostly developed and updates will be less frequent in the future. I also do contract work when possible. I am available for freelance work in programming, research, writing, or consultancy. I would also be interested in any sources of funding and/or collaboration.

Work Experience

A summary of my work experience is as follows:

  • Experienced software engineer, with the design and development of products over the whole software life-cycle.
  • Main programming languages are Java and C#, with some web-based and mobile knowledge.
  • Algorithm development, particularly for Artificial Intelligence and distributed systems. Also test programs.
  • Server-side programming and Windows-based GUI development.
  • With an academic background, I am strong in research and technical writing, where my research interests include Artificial Intelligence (autonomous, agent-based, cognitive or neural systems), heuristics, search or query processes and distributed information systems.

Category Trees

This really has the potential to be a world-class product. I am sure it could help with medical diagnosis. It only needs some investment.

Software and Research

The software is listed on the following pages. The two main products are what I use to sort my daily routine. They can save a lot of time and are geared more towards an individual or small business. A short summary is as follows:

Latest updates, bug fixes, etc.

licas (8/22):
1. Minor AI and text algorithm bug fixes.
2. Service bug fixes.

Textflo (7/22):
1. The full version is now free.
2. Memory heap increased to 4G, so it can process much larger files, probably 100M.
3. Several bug fixes with the analysis function - concurrency issues.

Note: Any file path is stored simply as a text description and so it can be automatically changed in any config file. Do a backup first.

Other Information

I am still working on the cognitive system. The best systems these days are billions of parameters and not built on laptops, but that is the design, so I will keep working on it.

A second book has been written, but it is not going to be made public. It is only a series of papers.

Contact Details

You can contact me by email, or through the contact details page.