This page lists a number of publications that have been written under the DCS name. Another publishing mix-up means that the Category Trees paper has been published as an earlier version.

I have actually been tortured. An offer of legal asylum would have to be taken seriously. I sent a complaint to the UN, they would not even respond. I sent one to the ECHR and later I sent this letter: 'I sent a question yesterday 28/2/20 about a form I have posted to you. I received a letter this morning 29/2/20 from yourselves. I have not read it yet. No assistance was offered.

I don't really understand the logic, but they are using a talking bird, and dog sometimes. Unless it is to pretend there is no high-pitched noise or something. Email a request about water services, immediately a man comes running round doing this dog training thing. Some of them have even started bowing their heads again. 27/7/20 They are satanic. It is a cheap thing to run a background programme and I personally believe it is one of the reasons for covid. 1/8/20 Another 24 hours of chanting. 5/8/20 Extreme offence and profanity.

4/7/20: Strangest thing, protest outside a chemists shop. Row of protestors at the pavement kerb, with a banner pointing inwards, to a row of protestors at the shop wall. Even 2 police to monitor it. I was only walking past by chance. The road plus the traffic on it.

1/8/20 Snooker introduction and indication that looking down on a lady running beside me is an offence. If you can imagine the brain damage, you get some idea about the level of religious offence even, not just the physical damage.

7/8/20 He's a bit caressey.

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Articles / Tutorials

Shorter articles or tutorials.

Flattening the Recursive Call in the Canny Edge Detector Algorithm, (2016). [tutorial]

Invironmental Factors, IEEE Computing Now, (2013). [article]

Intelligent Distributed Systems, IEEE Computing Now, (2012). [article]

White Papers / Pre-Prints

This research has not been peer-review published.

How the Brain might use Division, (2020). [arXiv]

Image Recognition using Region Creep, (2019). [arXiv]

New Ideas for Brain Modelling 5, (2019). [arXiv]

A Pattern-Hierarchy Classifier for Reduced Teaching, (2019). [arXiv]

A Concept-Value Network as a Brain Model, (2019). [arXiv]

Some papers that are unlikely to be peer-reviewed.

Chessmaps paper
A More Human Way to Play Computer Chess, (2018). [Scribd] [arXiv]

Is Intelligence Artificial?, (2013). [Scribd] [arXiv]

Recent Developments with the licas System 2, (2013). [Scribd] [arXiv]

Clustering Concept Chains from Ordered Data without Path Descriptions, (2011). [Scribd] [arXiv]

Code Analyzer paper
The Obvious Solution to Semantic Mapping – Ask an Expert, (2010). [Scribd] [arXiv]

Recent Developments with the licas System, (2010). [Scribd] [arXiv]

Kieran Greer, Matthias Baumgarten, Maurice Mulvenna, Kevin Curran and Chris Nugent, (2008). Stigmergic Linking for Optimising and Reasoning Over Information Networks, University of Ulster Research Report. [pdf]