Textflo - Organiser Example

This page gives examples of using the Organiser application. It can be used as a daily aid, for organising or using your text documents or online links. With increasing amounts of information stored in different locations, it is helpful to have them listed under searchable categories. There are also now two alternative browsing methods to make the process as easy as possible. It is also possible to add notes tagged with arbitrary names and set reminders, etc., but this is not a substitution for a proper scheduler.


The Organiser application can be opened from the startup menu, or through the main GUI. There is always a default book, when you would add other books for your own particular topics of interest.

The reminders form can be opened from the toolbar, or if you right-click on it, you get a list of reminders for the week. You can then navigate through all reminders or the ones now due. If you find something that you need to look at, you can go to the link. Another tab in the form displays deadlines up to a set time limit. A reminder repeats and you can reset it, whereas a deadline is final and occurs only once. There is also a search box to allow you to filter the reminder contents, which is useful when a large number of them get added.

You may then need to find a document quickly, possibly about a particular topic. There is a quick search option from the main Organiser form at the bottom, or you could open the 'Search Organiser Content' form from the toolbar and select from a variety of search options. In this case, all of the keywords in the 'Library' are listed. A search over 3 of them returns 10 category groups. You could then navigate to these groups to find documents relevant to the topic. The alternative list view is also shown in the diagram below.